Bad Lucky Studio
Luck by Design



Bad Lucky Studio is the one man studio of Ethan Silva. The name comes from the idea of turning all your negatives into positives. With something as simple as a letter we can change our bad luck into something completely different. Operating under the belief that our mindset and attitude towards every problem in life changes the outcome. We have to make our own luck in this wild world. In this case, let me design it for you.

Ethan Silva was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, now living in Denver, CO. He’s an artist and designer on a mission to help great people do great things. Primarily working within branding and illustration. Here for the risk takers, the rule breakers, and quite simply, the makers. He grew up with an undying love for nature, all things history, and a healthy addiction to reading license plates. Over the years he’s developed a fiery distaste for having his picture taken, and Kit-Kat commercials. Sorry Hershey's.

Notable clients include Buzzfeed, Pabst Brewing Company, and record labels such as Warner Music Group, Epitaph Records, and Equal Vision Records.